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Pretzel Pete

Pretzel Pete


Our Brand Promise
Pretzel Pete, Inc. is a family-owned, Hatboro, PA USA based manufacturer of value-added pretzel products. We have carefully developed our product line to deliver products that go beyond just great taste. Our emphasis on clean labels, locally sourced ingredients and allergen safe production results in snacks that your customers will feel good indulging in and serving to their family and friends.

We are often asked why our pretzels carry such a robust taste even though we don’t “cheat” with artificial flavour's or flavour enhancers like MSG.

The answer is actually quite simple. It’s our process!

At Pretzel Pete we use what is known as a “batch” process. The first step is we create a slurry mixture of the spices and non GMO canola oil. Once the slurry is ready, it is added into batch tumblers along with the pretzels and they are mixed together to allow the slurry to soak through the shell of the pretzel. This insures that each and every bite of a Pretzel Pete pretzel packs a lot of flavour.

Our process takes a bit more time and effort than that of the big snack companies. They use industrial conveyor systems that spray the flavouring on to the pretzels as they fly by on the conveyor. We like to say it is like the difference between a 5 minute bath and a 10 second shower!

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