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​Tooty Fruity

Tooty Fruity delights high foot-fall retailers by providing delicious, more-ish snacks, treats and healthy options that consumers come back for time and again.

We make it easy for retailers to generate strong returns on their shelf space with ethical, environmentally friendly products.

About Us
We started our family business back in 2005, with the mission of supplying delicious snacks from around the world, and we've been doing just that ever since.

In the process, we've tried to keep our carbon footprint as light as possible - minimising our waste and our use of energy. We calculate our carbon emissions and offset them.

As of December 2020, 100% of the plastic in our trays is

fully recycled and fully recyclable. 

Tooty Fruity - Absolutely Nutty 6 x 250g

Tooty Fruity - Banana Chips 6 x 150g

Tooty Fruity - Bombay Mix With Cashews 6 x 180g

Tooty Fruity - Brazils & Raisins 6 x 250g

Tooty Fruity - Chilli Crackers 6 x 100g

Tooty Fruity - Chocy Yoggy Mix 6 x 175g

Tooty Fruity - Dark Chocolate Brazils 6 x 170g

Tooty Fruity - Dark chocolate Ginger 6 x 180g

Tooty Fruity - Fruit & Seed Mix 6 x 220g

Tooty Fruity - Juicy Mango 6 x 120g

Tooty Fruity - Luxury Nut Mix 6 x 250g

Tooty Fruity - Milk Chocolate Brazils 6 x 170g

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