Goodrays CBD

Our team at Goodrays got together around a shared respect for a super natural plant. No other plant in history has turned the energy of the sun into quite as many useful and important things that support and sustain human life and wellbeing on our planet...

Cannabis' non-psychoactive compound, Cannabidiol (CBD) is proven to benefit human beings in multiple ways including relief from anxiety, increased mental focus and the improvement of sleep, while simultaneously helping ease physical pain, inflammation and muscle fatigue. All in all it felt like a good place to start.

We went to great lengths to find the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients; from our premium and rigorously tested cannabinoids and vitamins, through to all the natural flavours that make supping on a cold Goodrays such a unique and delicious experience.

You’ll find our social feeds and journal full of information about CBD, cannabis and hemp and daily inspiration for living a more creative, sustainable, active and curious life.

We'll shine a light on interesting and inspiring stories about the plant and its role in our confusing, challenging and beautiful world. We won’t shy away from the battles that need fighting on behalf of this powerful little weed, so that it may once again regain its rightful status as one of the most important plants in human history.

Formulated by award winning flavourists using some of the best natural ingredients from across the world.

Rigorously 3rd party tested CBD and high-quality Vitamin D, balanced and delivered effectively.

Committed to being carbon negative, fully sustainable, transparent in our supply chain, plastic-free packaging and all-natural.

Goodrays - Blood Orange & Grapefruit, Natural 30MG CBD Seltzer - 12x250ml

Goodrays - Elderflower & Yuzu, Natural 30MG CBD Seltzer - 12x250ml

Goodrays - Passionfruit & Pomelo, Natural 30MG CBD Seltzer - 12x250ml

Goodrays - Raspberry & Guava, Natural 30MG CBD Seltzer - 12x250ml

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