Fruit Snacks

UK Fruit Snacks Wholesale Suppliers

We are UK’s leading fruit snacks wholesale supplier, supplying over 3500 clients inside London and loads of other clients around UK with quality fruit snacks products. We supply all kind of fruit snacks to a wide range of facilities including shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes and many other facilities. We have wide range of wholesale fruit snacks products ready to be delivered to you.  

Fruit Snacks

Bear Yoyo - Blackcurrant 18 x 20g

Bear Yoyo - Mango 18 x 20g

Bear Yoyo - Raspberry 18 x 20g

Bear Yoyo - Strawberry 18 x 20g

Tooty Fruity - Banana Chips 6 x 150g

Tooty Fruity - Brazils & Raisins 6 x 250g

Tooty Fruity - Chocy Yoggy Mix 6 x 175g

Tooty Fruity - Fruit & Seed Mix 6 x 220g

Tooty Fruity - Juicy Mango 6 x 120g

Tooty Fruity - Milk Chocolate Raisins 6 x 200g

Tooty Fruity - Tropical Mix 6 x 220g

Tooty Fruity - Yogurt Raisins 6 x 200g

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