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UK Snacks Wholesale Suppliers

We are UK’s leading snacks wholesale suppliers, supplying over 3500 clients inside London and loads of other clients around UK with quality snacks. We supply all kind of snacks to a wide range of facilities including shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes and many other facilities. We have wide range of wholesale snacks products ready to be delivered to you.

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Cruga Smoked Beef Biltong 10 x 40g Product DescriptionSmoked Biltong – A subt..
Cruga Stokkie Bitlong 10 x 40g Product DescriptionCruga Stokkie Biltong 10 x 40g - ..
Cruga Venison Biltong 10 x 40gBiltong is dried meat the South African style. The meat is first m..
Deliciously Ella - Cacao & Almond 12 x 40g Product DescriptionThe Cacao and Alm..
Deliciously Ella - Cashew & Ginger 12 x 40g Product DescriptionThe Cashew and G..
Deliciously Ella - Coconut & Oat 12 x 40g Product DescriptionOur Coconut & ..
Product DescriptionA simple mix of juicy unsulphured apricots, crunchy almonds and coconut, comp..
Eat Natural Bars With Benefits, High in Fibre - 12 x 45g Apple, Ginger & Dark Choco..
Eat Natural Bars With Benefits, High in Omega 3 - 12 x 45g Product DescriptionA bar..
Eat Natural Bars With Benefits, High in Protein - 12 x 45g Product DescriptionEat N..
Product DescriptionA simply delicious bar of all kinds of lovely bits and bobs... from blueberri..
Eat Natural with brazil sultanas almonds and hazelnuts. What's in your eat natural bar... "..

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