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Peperami Hot - 24 x 22.5g

Peperami Hot - 24 x 22.5g

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Brand: Peperami
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Product Description - Peperami Hot - 24 x 22.5g

The great taste of peperami salami is no accident. It is made to special authentic recipes in a country that knows all about making the perfect sausage, Germany. As you may expect from a classic sausage, peperami is 100 percent pork salami. It is made with 13.8 g of pork for every 10g of sausage. This is because the pork loses some weight from moisture loss during the natural drying process used to make classic salami and other classic dried meats. Peperami is also pasteurised for food safety.


Ingredients - Peperami Hot - 24 x 22.5g

Pork (145%), Salt, Glucose, Spices, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), White Pepper, Flavourings, Chilli Extract (Contains Wheat), Garlic Powder, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite)

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