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“Hello, I’m Dave Willis, entrepreneur and connoisseur of all things pub snacky!

Pork scratchings have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, so I thought to myself “why be guilty? What can we change?”. Now I am exceedingly proud to introduce Gruntled* to an unsuspecting world! We’ve taken the finest pork and cooked it twice, which makes it lighter and less tooth breaking than traditional scratchings. We’ve then seasoned it with completely natural flavours, making sure that there’s nothing unsavoury like gluten or MSG in the bag. I’m extremely proud of the result and I am sure that if you try them, you too will be left feeling totally Gruntled!”

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Gruntled Pork Crackling - Salt & Vinegar - 12x35g CLEARANCE - BBD 30-6-22 Gruntled Pork Cr..

Gruntled Pork Crackling - Habanero Chilli - 12x35g We select the finest pork rind and double cook..

Gruntled Pork Crackling - English Mustard - 12x35g Premium Hand Cooked Pork Crackling English Mus..

Gruntled Pork Crackling - Cornish Sea Salt - 12x35g Premium Hand Cooked Pork Crackling Cornish Se..

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