Premium Cake Bars

Premium Cake Bars Wholesale Suppliers

We are UK’s leading premium cake bars supplier, supplying over 3500 clients inside London and loads of other clients around UK with premium cake bars. We supply premium cake bars to wide range of facilities including shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes and many other facilities. We have wide range of wholesale premium cake bars products ready to be delivered to you.  


Premium Cake Bars

Lizzys - Cherry Bakewell Flapjack 15 x 80g

Lizzys - Gluten Free Granola 15 x 70g

Lizzys - Honey Flapjack 15 x 80g

Lizzys - Lemon Meringue Crunch 15 x 75g

Lizzys - Malty Crunch 15 x 85g

Lizzys - Millionaire's Slice 15 x 80g

Lizzys - Plain Butter Flapjack 15 x 80g

Lizzys - Salted Caramel Flapjack 15 x 80g

Lizzys - Vegan Rocky Road 15 x 70g

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